Debut Original Album - LONESOME GOLDMINE

"My album of original music entitled Lonesome Goldmine with producer Mark Kuykendall at Unknown Tone Studio. The sound is ambient and cinematic. It's designed to mine the depths of the listeners inner world  where innumerable surprises are waiting and hoping to be discovered. In a place and time so full of sensory stimuli, It's becoming more and more challenging to digest all we're experiencing from day to day.  With so much imagery, drama, entertainment and so many voices telling us who we are and what we value, it takes a conscious effort to make sure the quiet inner voice isn't swallowed up and lost completely. My intension for this work is to create a musical guide who will take you by the hand and walk with you into the darkest, most beautiful places of your being, who will sit with you in love through all the pain and wonder of self exploration, self discovery and self acceptance. There is a lonesome goldmine inside which holds unfathomable wisdom, power and love." 

Annie Ellicott

Lonesome Goldmine Video Synopsis

Lonesome Goldmine is a heroes odyssey re-imagined from the perspective of the sirens. Narrated through song, this short film presents open ended questions about the relativity of time, relationship and the human psyche. The story was conceptualized in organic creative process by composer Annie Ellicott, producer Mark Kuykendall, and director/ videographer Joe Cappa.


Annie Ellicott Artist Bio: Annie Ellicott is an interdisciplinary artist working to expand her role as a singer/songwriter through video production, stagecraft, and performance art. Annie has toured the United States as well as Europe, performing both traditional jazz and original compositions. She has also been a prominent stage actress in Oklahoma for over eighteen years.

More recently Ms. Ellicott has been performing, writing, and co-producing music videos with Mark Kuykendall of The New Honey Shade and Unknown Tone Records. She has been expanding her role as a jazz singer and stage actress through collaborating on performance installation projects with composer and sculptor Mark Southerland.

Annie album of original music entitled Lonesome Goldmine was released on Unknown Tone Records in Sept. of 2016. This genre bending album is a mix of soundscapes and haunting song writing, moving her work from electro-acoustic to the avant garde. She has debuted a multi-media presentation of Lonesome Goldmine including live musical performances, music videos, performance art and dance. 

Exhibition, Performance, and Filmography List:

2016 - Lonesome Goldmine: Shadows Live

Multi-media presentation of Lonesome Goldmine including

live musical performances, music videos, performance art and dance. 



2016 - Wit and Menace, multi-media operetta, commissioned work for the

National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts, Bartle Hall, Kansas City MO

collaborating artist/performer


2015 - Goddess Androgyny, music video



2015 - Lonesome Goldmine, music video/experimental short

songwriter/ performer/co-producer 


2014 - The Legend of Annie Ellicott, music video



2014 - Santa Suits on Clearance, music video



2014 - Horn Sculpture Duet with Mark Southerland, performance art installation

Hello Art, Hotel Phillips, Kansas City MO

collaborating artist/ performer


2014 - The Going Prayer, music video



2013 - No More Nomads, performance art installation and exhibition

Living Arts Center, Tulsa OK

collaborating artist/performer


2010 - Noise Camp, performance art instillation for New Genre Festival

Living Arts Center, Tulsa OK

collaborating artist/performer


2009 - Moon Bears and Sister Wives, performance art instillation

La Esquina. Charlotte Street Foundation, Kansas City MO

collaborating artist/performer


Annie Ellicott - The Going Prayer Official video for "The Going Prayer" by Annie Ellicott- The first song off the full length album which will be released on Unknown Tone Records late summer of 2016... Vocals/Uke - Annie Ellicott Pedal Steel / Pump Organ - Jesse Aycock Producer/Engineer - Mark Kuykendall Recorded at Unknown Tone Studio, Tulsa OK.

The ideal way to listen is through good headphones or speakers in order to catch the milti-layered myriad of subtle nuances that make Lonesome Goldmine so fully encompassing.